_MG_0419_JP_3-25_low_res.jpgAbout Jack Prichett Photography

Jack Prichett specializes in stock photography, with concentrations on the Southwest U.S., California, night photography, fine arts conceptual images, and international travel. 

He lives and works in southern California, where his career has included 19 years as an award-winning communications and public relations manager for a Fortune 200 company.  His photographic studio is in the Venice Beach district of Los Angeles, where he also shoots portraits and glamour.  In addition, he provides photographic serves to small businesses and not-for-profits. 

Jack has traveled and photographed across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.  Drawing upon his earlier training as an anthropologist, Jack’s images of people and places embody a deep sense of place, capturing the wonder and warmth of cultural encounter.



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