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Images from my EYEMAGINATION-FINE ARTS, NIGHT VISION, NATURE-LANDSCAPES, and TRAVEL galleries are available for purchase.

FOR NON-RESALE USE (e.g., printing and framing for use in a business or home), you may download images for a flat, non-royalty download fee of US$75.00.  

Click the BUY DOWNLOAD button above the image you wish to purchase (or the + sign on mobile devices).

FOR RESALE USE (e.g., in a publication, brochure, or a calendar) fees are based on the rights-managed model for stock.
Pricing for license factors in type of media, number of copies, duration of use, and image size for commercial reproduction.
Exclusivity is also a licensing option. 
Please call +1-310-895-4747 or email me to determine the license fee for your proposed use.


Files will be released upon payment in full.
All licenses are billed in US dollars.
Licenses are non-refundable.

Images can be preselected with the My Lightbox feature on the site.
Private Galleries may be viewed from your account.

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